FLowable Fill Concrete

We custom blend Flowable Fill Concrete for nearly all applications. Please contact us to learn about the possibilities of using flowable fill for voids and underground utilities and infrastructure.

Flowable fill is used for trench fill where utilities may exist and need backfilled with complete consolidation around the conduits and pipes.

We also pump flowable fills and can attain distance over 1000′ using special additives and high pressure concrete pumps along with special fittings.

ASTM 1600 Rapid Hardening Hydraulic Cement

Looking for the Standard Specification for the ASTM 1600 Rapid Hardening Hydraulic Cement?

Pursuant to License Agreement, no further reproductions are allowed, but as a customer of Volume Concrete LLC., we don’t mind sharing the document via a short term loan to comply with the ASTM International.

This ASTM 1600 document covers our product Rapid Set® Concrete.

Volume Concrete delivers Rapid Set® Concrete in the Portland Metro Area 6 days a week! Dispatch (971) 219-8604 we are here to help!

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Mix

Volume Concrete Delivers an Exposed Aggregate Concrete Mix that has lot’s of beautiful colors from Windsor Rock.

Our custom capabilities allow for this mix to be pumped using our standard 3,500psi design.

Check out some recent homeowner photos using our Exposed Aggregate Mix.