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Volume Concrete LLC. supplies Rapid Set concrete and ready mixed concrete around Portland Metro. Volume Concrete has you covered with documented mix designs that meet/exceed the stringent requirements from the local jurisdictions. In fact, many of our esteemed clients are government and institutions that have come to rely on our quality products, expedited service, and extensive documentation (i.e., cement mill certifications, sieve analysis, and water quality testing). We are here to help! 971-219-8604

Volume Concrete offers New Concrete Jumbo Bin Blocks for Sale. These concrete blocks measure 2’x2’x6′ with an interlocking V-Shape on four sides. Wood grained on one side and smooth on the other.

These Jumbo Bin Blocks weigh ~3500lbs. and contain nearly a cubic yard of concrete that exceeds 3000p.s.i.

Volume Concrete has invested in American Made Steel reusable forms for the manufacturing of the new bin blocks. The eyelet for lifting is made on-site with our hydraulic bending table to ensure quality and enduring strength is found in the 5/8″ steel.

  • Great for Parking Lot Barriers
  • Metal Fencing Braces
  • Footing and Anchors
  • Bank Stabilization
  • Walls
  • Traffic Barriers
  • Storage Made Easy
  • Flood Protection Walls
  • Sea Wall Reinforcement
concrete barrier
concrete barrier

These are NEW and purposely made using concrete mixed on-site, VIBRATED, and finished exceeding all industry standards with a perfect Water-to-Cement ratio of .35 (these are not watered down). A vast majority of these bin blocks on the marketplace are made from concrete that has been sent back to the batch plant when a customer orders too much, resulting in a poor quality CHEAP bin blocks. We don’t sell cheap quality bin blocks!

-Volume Concrete

Referred to as: interlocking concrete blocks, large concrete blocks, concrete barrier blocks, barrier blocks, interlocking V-blocks, ecology blocks, large retaining wall blocks, self-building concrete blocks, ecology blocks, storage blocks, waste blocks, mafia blocks, or jumbo concrete blocks,

Ecology Blocks
Ecology Blocks