Flowable Fills

Volume Concrete LLC. supplies Rapid Set concrete and ready mixed concrete around Portland Metro. Volume Concrete has you covered with documented mix designs that meet/exceed the stringent requirements from the local jurisdictions. In fact, many of our esteemed clients are government and institutions that have come to rely on our quality products, expedited service, and extensive documentation (i.e., cement mill certifications, sieve analysis, and water quality testing). We are here to help! 971-219-8604

Flowable Fill from Volume Concrete is perfect for jobs in Oregon where CDF or Grout is required by the municipality or utility. Depending on the application, we have a fews options available for delivery. ODOT 00442 Compliant.

Flowable Fills that need to be pumped use the Pumpable CDF Mix Design

Flowable Fills that need to be tailgated using the chute, use the CDF for Municipal Chute Only Mix Design.

Flowable Fills that need more PSI, try using the 9 Sack Grout Mix Design, or a 7 Sack Grout Mix for underground tanks that need decommissioned.

For Pipe Decommissioning use Lightweight Cellular Concrete, the safe and effective product for long pushes, tight spaces and crumbling infrastructure. Cellular Concrete (grout) is the ultimate solution for old sewer lines (concrete, ductile) and water lines that no longer are in service.

If your project has plastic lines (abs), it’s essential to keep the line pressures low to prevent breaking unions and taking the chance of rupturing the line midstream down. In order to prevent these occurrences that jeopardize the crew, use Lightweight Cellular Concrete 90pcf. At 90 pounds per cubic foot, the cellular concrete is non-permeable (no water will run through it), and the strength is 400psi after 28 days.

Volume Concrete has Red Utility Grade Dye for use in flowable fills. Please tell dispatch if your job requires Red dye.

Flowable fills are great for undercut situations where the existing soil is washed out and needs to be backfilled. Flowable fills vs. compacted gravel is no comparison. Flowable fills have nearly 99% consolidation around existing infrastructure such as pipes and conduit, and do not require compaction.

Flowable fills can contain admixtures depending on application or requirements. Admixtures will help achieve longer pumping distances, and self leveling characteristics that help in reducing labor costs.