Flowable Fill

In need of pumpable backfill?  Or unshrinkable fill?  Some of the many terms used for CDF (Controlled Density Fill) and CLSM (controlled low strength materials).

  • Flowable Fill
  • Slury Plastic
  • Flowable Mortar
  • Controlled Density Fill
  • Unshrinkable Fill
  • Flowable Flyash (not readily available in the Pacific Northwest)
  • Controlled Low Strength Material (CLSM)
  • Foundation Stabilization
  • Soil Cement Slury
  • Void Filling
  • Pipe Bedding
  • Conduit Bedding
  • Grouted Brick Prism

CLSM has also been transported effectively by volumetric- measuring and continuous-mixing concrete equipment (VMCM) (AC1 304.6R), particularly if it is desired to reduce waiting time. The major advantage of this equipment is its ability to mix at the job site and vary the water content to attain desired flowability. This is particularly true for fast- setting CLSM mixtures. VMCMs are equipped with separate bins for water, cementitious materials, and selected aggregates. The materials are transported to the job site where continuous mixing of water and dry materials make a good, easily regulated CLSM.  CLSM can be readily placed into a trench, hole or other cavity Compaction is not required; hence, the trench width or size of excavation can be reduced. Granular or site-excavated backfill, even if compacted properly in the required layer thickness, can not achieve the uniformity and density of CLSM. – ACI

Chances are a Google search was done looking for a Portland area company that delivers CLSM or CDF.  The proprietary technology of the fleet at Volume Concrete LLC., allows for different mix designs regarding the amount of cement used in CDF.  Starting at 100 p.s.i..