Category: Admixtures

  • Grouted Brick Prism

    Grouted Brick Prism

    Volume Concrete Delivers Grout for Grouted Brick Prisms Masons like the Grout from Volume Concrete thanks to the freshness (mixed on-site), and the ability to adjust the slump on-the-fly, and vary the sack amount for the cement component. Admixtures on board include Viscosity Modifiers for increasing the flowability and increasing the consolidation around rebar and…

  • Cold Weather Concrete Success Tips using Accelerators and Water Reducing Admixtures

    The winter months can make concrete a challenge.  Anything below 32 degrees Fahrenheit is not recommended especially considering if the ground is frozen solid. Concrete is in a plastic state (wet) when initially delivered and mixed.  This wet product will have a tendency to freeze just like water.  Once a concrete mix has frozen, it…

  • Hot Water Every Load

    Hot Water Every Load

    Hot Water included in every load and delivery to ensure an early set and workable concrete.

  • Why use Air Entrainment in freshly poured concrete?

    Volume Concrete LLC., Certificate of Compliance MasterAir®+AE+200 BASF The key to a high quality concrete in addition to high quality cement is the admixtures. Today’s chemicals for concrete and the construction industry are suited for a variety of applications. This particular chemical is Air Entrainment from BASF. In the process of making concrete the agitation…