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  • Grouted Brick Prism

    Grouted Brick Prism

    Volume Concrete Delivers Grout for Grouted Brick Prisms Masons like the Grout from Volume Concrete thanks to the freshness (mixed on-site), and the ability to adjust the slump on-the-fly, and vary the sack amount for the cement component. Admixtures on board include Viscosity Modifiers for increasing the flowability and increasing the consolidation around rebar and…

  • The Importance of Choosing Domestic Cement

    The Importance of Choosing Domestic Cement

    It’s no secret, we like to support the local community.  AshGrove Cement is one of those great local companies that support the thriving industry with quality products and service. Here is a fact sheet provided by AshGrove about their operations in Durkee, Oregon: Local Economic Impact • 115 employees • Annual payroll: $13 million •…

  • Cold Weather Concrete Success Tips using Accelerators and Water Reducing Admixtures

    The winter months can make concrete a challenge.  Anything below 32 degrees Fahrenheit is not recommended especially considering if the ground is frozen solid. Concrete is in a plastic state (wet) when initially delivered and mixed.  This wet product will have a tendency to freeze just like water.  Once a concrete mix has frozen, it…

  • Hot Water Every Load

    Hot Water Every Load

    Hot Water included in every load and delivery to ensure an early set and workable concrete.

  • ADA Detectable Warning Surfaces and Concrete Tactiles

    ADA Detectable Warning Surfaces and Concrete Tactiles

    What is a Detectable Warning Surface?  What kind of concrete is needed for Tactile replacement in Oregon (see below)? The primary purpose of a cross-walk at an intersection for the the safety of the pedestrian.  Yet, many accidents occur in the cross-walk involving pedestrians, cyclists and automobiles. Too address the major issue involving cross-walk accidents,…

  • How thick is a concrete driveway?

    At the very minimum a thickness of 4″ is needed to achieve strength and long-term integrity.  This goes with most flatwork in residential settings. The thickness gets bumped up to 6″ for the approach of the driveway.  That’s the entry from the curbside of the road across the sidewalk and abuts to the driveway. If…

  • Trivia Answers Page

    Is 97036 the smallest served zip code in Oregon? No, 97293 is demographically the smallest served zip code and falls within the 97214 zip code.

  • Frequently Asked Questions about the volume of concrete

    A list of the most common, relevant and noteworthy questions about the volume. FAQ’s How many cubic feet are in a cubic yard of concrete?  Answer: 27 cubic feet equals 1 cubic yard. How many square feet can I get out of 1 cubic yard of concrete when the depth of the slab is 3.5…