Hot Water Trailer High Capacity Output for Mobile Ready Mix Jobsites

We currently have a tandem axle dually trailer with: 2500 gallon reservoir, 2″ Honda driven high-pressure and 125/gpm volume, 600,000 btu’s of propane heaters with continuous output of 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Industrial Honda Inverter for 120V power. 20hp Kohler Driven Hydraulic System on Board with 4 valves for outrigger, additional water pump, and 18k hydraulic winch. This system can run continuous for 12 hours without the need to refuel.

Off-Grid Hot Water Trailer with 2500 gallon capacity for all-day work

-Volume Concrete LLC.,

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Mix

Volume Concrete Delivers an Exposed Aggregate Concrete Mix that has lot’s of beautiful colors from Windsor Rock.

Our custom capabilities allow for this mix to be pumped using our standard 3,500psi design.

Check out some recent homeowner photos using our Exposed Aggregate Mix.

Grouted Brick Prism

Volume Concrete Delivers Grout for Grouted Brick Prisms

Masons like the Grout from Volume Concrete thanks to the freshness (mixed on-site), and the ability to adjust the slump on-the-fly, and vary the sack amount for the cement component.

Admixtures on board include Viscosity Modifiers for increasing the flowability and increasing the consolidation around rebar and other components that may lead to blockage.

The Grout from Volume Concrete is easily pumpable through a small line pump thanks to lack of aggregates and the increased amount of fine sands.

This particular Grout is a High-Strength Flowable Fill with p.s.i. strengths exceeding the 2000psi requirement usually required in the local market.

Here are some recent test results for 28 day strength.  PC2500 GROUT

Call Dispatch to order Grout and don’t forget the Pump!

Up to 9 Sacks per Cubic Yard depending on job-site requirements.

Testing Exceeding: ASTM C1314 & C1552

Mixer 3 is on the Road for Spring

Volume Concrete Mixer 3
Volume Concrete LLC., Mixer 3

Thanks to the determined crew at RoadMaster Mixer Trucks we were able to get Mixer Truck 3 on the road in time for Spring.  This beauty has the capability to change the mix design on the fly, adjusting water/cement ratios, sand and aggregate amounts, and with three separate admix storage tanks we are able to incorporate Air Entrainment, Accelerators (non-chloride), and other admixes that allow for longer pumping distance, easier placement, and a quality finish.


ADA Detectable Warning Surfaces and Concrete Tactiles

What is a Detectable Warning Surface?  What kind of concrete is needed for Tactile replacement in Oregon (see below)?

The primary purpose of a cross-walk at an intersection for the the safety of the pedestrian.  Yet, many accidents occur in the cross-walk involving pedestrians, cyclists and automobiles.

Too address the major issue involving cross-walk accidents, an innovative solution is taking hold across our communities by using a concrete tactile.

The concrete tactile is a cast-in-place product offered by many companies that is essentially a Detectable Warning Surface used to ALERT individuals of the dangers.  Often times these tactile surfaces are placed at intersections, and cross-walks.

ADA Pads are another term used to describe the Detectable Warning Surface.

What Is a Curb Ramp?  A curb ramp is a short ramp cutting through a curb or built up to it.  If designed and constructed to be accessible, a curb ramp provides an accessible route that people with disabilities can use to safely transition from a roadway to a curbed sidewalk and vice versa. – via ADA Tool Kit

curb ramp example
curb ramp example (shaded portion labeled RAMP is where the detectable warning surface is located.

What kind of Concrete is needed for Tactile Replacement in Oregon and the Portland Metro? Volume Concrete LLC., delivers a 4,000psi mix that adheres to the local building codes and requirements.  This specific mix design is dialed specifically for the Detectable Warning Surface and ADA Tactile, allowing for an easier install without compromising strength or workability.

Please contact our Cell Phone Dispatch (971)219-8604 and we can assist in getting the right design for that next project!

Note:   Each City, County and State have specific requirements regarding the concrete mix design, and it is important to do due diligence in researching those community-specific requirements.

The ADA Standards require that curb ramps include features called “detectable warnings.” Detectable warnings consist of a series of small domes that contrast in color with the surrounding sidewalk or street. They must be integrated into the walking surface, and there are specific measurements for the size and spacing of the domes. – via ADA Tool Kit

DOWNLOAD: Portland Pedestrian Design Guide.pdf

The best way to move concrete from point A to B

Concrete Line Pump Clamp

Lets face it, concrete is extremely heavy, dense, and very loose when wet.

Moving concrete the old fashioned way involved a wheelbarrow, but not just any ol’ wheel barrow, a masons’ wheel barrow is often required.    And, a really strong and enduring person too accomplish loading and unloading the barrow.

Now days, we have concrete line pumps.  These machines are solely tasked with moving concrete from point A to point B with relative ease.  Let the machine and operators do the work. Volume Concrete supplies a concrete mix that is specifically designed for pumping concrete long distances, we are talking over 300′ through a 2.5″ concrete line pump.

In addition to those long and difficult situations, we supply CDF that is pumpable, along with a variety of other mix designs and strengths.

Call AAA Concrete Pumping LLC., dispatch to schedule a line pump with your next concrete purchase.
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Using a Concrete Line Pump
Using a Concrete Line Pump