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  • Manhole Channeling and Trough Benches

    Manhole Channeling and Trough Benches

    Using Commercial Grade Concrete (3,500psi) that is made on-site with our mixer trucks – makes doing underground manhole channeling a breeze. Our mix designs are approved for all the jurisdictions in Portland Metro. Please tell dispatch that you would like to use the Mini Hopper for underground work. The Mini Hopper is exceptional for eliminating…

  • Happy Memorial Day Everyone

    Happy Memorial Day Everyone
  • Hot Water Trailer High Capacity Output for Mobile Ready Mix Jobsites

    We currently have a tandem axle dually trailer with: 2500 gallon reservoir, 2″ Honda driven high-pressure and 125/gpm volume, 600,000 btu’s of propane heaters with continuous output of 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Industrial Honda Inverter for 120V power. 20hp Kohler Driven Hydraulic System on Board with 4 valves for outrigger, additional water pump, and 18k hydraulic…

  • Exposed Aggregate Concrete Mix

    Exposed Aggregate Concrete Mix

    Volume Concrete Delivers an Exposed Aggregate Concrete Mix that has lot’s of beautiful colors from Windsor Rock. Our custom capabilities allow for this mix to be pumped using our standard 3,500psi design. Check out some recent homeowner photos using our Exposed Aggregate Mix.

  • Grouted Brick Prism

    Grouted Brick Prism

    Volume Concrete Delivers Grout for Grouted Brick Prisms Masons like the Grout from Volume Concrete thanks to the freshness (mixed on-site), and the ability to adjust the slump on-the-fly, and vary the sack amount for the cement component. Admixtures on board include Viscosity Modifiers for increasing the flowability and increasing the consolidation around rebar and…

  • Mixer 3 is on the Road for Spring

    Thanks to the determined crew at RoadMaster Mixer Trucks we were able to get Mixer Truck 3 on the road in time for Spring.  This beauty has the capability to change the mix design on the fly, adjusting water/cement ratios, sand and aggregate amounts, and with three separate admix storage tanks we are able to…

  • ADA Detectable Warning Surfaces and Concrete Tactiles

    ADA Detectable Warning Surfaces and Concrete Tactiles

    What is a Detectable Warning Surface?  What kind of concrete is needed for Tactile replacement in Oregon (see below)? The primary purpose of a cross-walk at an intersection for the the safety of the pedestrian.  Yet, many accidents occur in the cross-walk involving pedestrians, cyclists and automobiles. Too address the major issue involving cross-walk accidents,…

  • Is it time to finish that sidewalk yet?

    Is it time to finish that sidewalk yet?

    Ever notice the abundance of sidewalks that start and never finish? This is sidewalk season, and we are here to help.

  • Concrete for Commercial Jobsites

    Concrete for Commercial Jobsites

    Tight access?  NP (no problem). Late hours?  NP. Congested Jobsite?  NP. Small or Large?  NP. Cell Phone Dispatch (971)219-8604

  • The best way to move concrete from point A to B

    The best way to move concrete from point A to B

    Lets face it, concrete is extremely heavy, dense, and very loose when wet. Moving concrete the old fashioned way involved a wheelbarrow, but not just any ol’ wheel barrow, a masons’ wheel barrow is often required.    And, a really strong and enduring person too accomplish loading and unloading the barrow. Now days, we have…