The best way to move concrete from point A to B

Lets face it, concrete is extremely heavy, dense, and very loose when wet.

Moving concrete the old fashioned way involved a wheelbarrow, but not just any ol’ wheel barrow, a masons’ wheel barrow is often required.    And, a really strong and enduring person too accomplish loading and unloading the barrow.

Now days, we have concrete line pumps.  These machines are solely tasked with moving concrete from point A to point B with relative ease.  Let the machine and operators do the work. Volume Concrete supplies a concrete mix that is specifically designed for pumping concrete long distances, we are talking over 300′ through a 2.5″ concrete line pump.

In addition to those long and difficult situations, we supply CDF that is pumpable, along with a variety of other mix designs and strengths.

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Using a Concrete Line Pump
Using a Concrete Line Pump