Concrete Services

Concrete Services in Portland

Volume Concrete LLC., appreciates your business and opportunity to work with you and your team on the next project, here are some of the Concrete Services we offer:

  • Custom Mix Designs and offsite mixing capabilities
  • Ready Mix Concrete via Volumetric Mixers
  • New Concrete Bin Blocks (jumbo 1 cubic yard, 3500lbs.) for sale and rent 2’x2’x6′
  • Grout Mixes for: block fill, insulated concrete forms, pipe fill, tank decommissioning
  • Controlled Density Fill CDF for backfill and trench fill
  • Pervious Concrete – for sidewalks, and pavement
  • Rapid Set® Concrete – ready for vehicular & pedestrian traffic in a few hours
  • Concrete Line Pumps – long distance, any volume or size
  • Hot Water Generation offsite
  • Offsite cleanup

Expedited Ideas:

“Got a problem? We have a solution” [Spec-OP division – entry]

The best way to move concrete from point A to B

Concrete Line Pump Clamp

Lets face it, concrete is extremely heavy, dense, and very loose when wet.

Moving concrete the old fashioned way involved a wheelbarrow, but not just any ol’ wheel barrow, a masons’ wheel barrow is often required.    And, a really strong and enduring person too accomplish loading and unloading the barrow.

Now days, we have concrete line pumps.  These machines are solely tasked with moving concrete from point A to point B with relative ease.  Let the machine and operators do the work. Volume Concrete supplies a concrete mix that is specifically designed for pumping concrete long distances, we are talking over 300′ through a 2.5″ concrete line pump.

In addition to those long and difficult situations, we supply CDF that is pumpable, along with a variety of other mix designs and strengths.

Call AAA Concrete Pumping LLC., dispatch to schedule a line pump with your next concrete purchase.
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Using a Concrete Line Pump
Using a Concrete Line Pump