Cellular Lightweight Concrete for Backfill and Pipe Decommissioning


Volume Concrete LLC. supplies Rapid Set concrete and ready mixed concrete around Portland Metro. Volume Concrete has you covered with documented mix designs that meet/exceed the stringent requirements from the local jurisdictions. In fact, many of our esteemed clients are government and institutions that have come to rely on our quality products, expedited service, and extensive documentation (i.e., cement mill certifications, sieve analysis, and water quality testing). We are here to help! 971-219-8604

Volume Concrete LLC., delivers Cellular Lightweight Concrete used for backfill & great for underground pipe and tank decommissioning.

Two types available permeable and non-permeable depending on application.

2″ High Pressure Union and Fittings using 90pcf Lightweight Cellular Concrete for Underground Pipe Decommissioning

Wet cast weight: 25 lbs. cu./ft. – 90 lbs. cu./ft. with compressive strengths from 80 p.s.i. up to 400 p.s.i. and beyond…

35 pounds per cubic foot (while wet) is the most popular mix design used for residential backfill that needs drainage. Any cast weights exceeding 35 pounds per cubic foot are non-permeable and widely used for underground decommissioning items like abandoned pipes, vacated sewer and old oil cisterns/tanks.

Why use Cellular lightweight concrete? The cellular concrete is applied via a hose, thus no heavy machinery is needed for placement. Lightweight cellular concrete is great for backfilling between the earth and concrete retaining walls, lessening the lateral loads applied.

Lightweight Cellular Concrete
Lightweight Cellular Concrete

No compaction or vibration is necessary. Self leveling and minimal formwork is needed for retainment while wet. Exceeds natural soil or compacted rock for load bearing capabilities. Foaming agents and factory support provided from Aerix Industries.