Everything About Wet Mix Shotcrete

Everything about the wet-mix shotcrete can be found here. Volume Concrete LLC., delivers custom blended shotcrete made on-site in the Portland Metro.

Need a Mix Design for Shotcrete? No problem – Email Ryan

  • The consistency of the product can be changed on-the-fly
  • Mixed on-site for optimal timed deliveries
  • No waist, we only mix what is needed for the job
  • Hot Water for Winter, Cold Water for Summer
  • Admixtures available for customized batching including air entrainment, accelerators, set time delays, viscosity modifiers and water reducers

Equipment Needed for Wet-Mix Shotcrete

  • 8 cubic/yard mixer truck
  • High pressure concrete line pump – AAA Concrete Pumping LLC.,
  • 185 cfm air compressor
  • Shotcrete Nozzle – we have two sizes available (2″ and 2.5″)
  • Nozzleperson for spraying (experienced only) – Shotcreters
  • Cleanup, Cleanup, Cleanup. One of the most important aspects of any job is the cleanliness of the project both prior and post the application of the shotcrete. Rebound is an important factor to remember for the amount of material that is deflected from the forms and subject
  • Carver. The person(s) responsible for making the sprayed concrete (shotcrete) look good after the application has been sprayed. The Carver is the ‘artist of the gang that ensures the product is properly smoothed and has been “hit” with the proper hand tools and such
Emergency!!! This shotcrete project was needed yesterday. This jobsite was super-steep at a 40 degree grade, made dragging the hose up the hill a chore, but no problem, we came through on this emergency repair of the petroleum pipeline that runs through Forest Park in Portland, Oregon.
Wet Mix Shotcrete made on-site in Lake Oswego, Oregon in January with hot water and accelerator for early set-time and to expedite the project. The higher the heat and cement content will net a higher strength shotcrete that ultimately has great workability factors.
EMERGENCY BANK RETENTION. No time to build forms, the rains are coming. Here in Oregon we all need an expedited solution for erosion control. Volume Concrete offers many solutions, including wet-mix shotcrete