CLSM controlled low strength materials

CLSM – controlled low strength materials from Volume Concrete meet and exceed all state and local requirements including ODOT 00442. Call dispatch (971) 219-8604 if you need recommendations, we are here to help! And yes, these are flowable fills. Choose from the following mix designs depending on application.

Why Use Cellular Concrete for Underground Pipe Decommissioning? Answer: SAFETY & EFFECTIVENESS!

Lightweight cellular concrete is chosen for underground pipe decommissioning thanks to the relative ease at which it pumps into confined cavities.  The lower the line pressure from pump, the safer the “push”.  This SAFE approach to decommissioning old utilities (i.e., sewer lines, water lines, cisterns, tanks, and underground cavities) using lightweight materials cuts down on line pressures, the same can’t be said for conventional grouts and flowable fills.  The reduced line pressure allows for longer the pushes — that’s especially helpful when going against grade along with pumping into elbows, bends and tees!

Cellular concrete (cellular grout) is a combination of Portland cement, sand, water and ~50% foam.  The proprietary foam is generated on-site, along with the cement slurry, then mixed vigorously and lastly pumped via high-pressure hose & fittings coupled to a concrete pump.   

Volume Concrete LLC has the experience and tools necessary to complete all minor and major pipe decommissioning projects in Portland Metro and slightly beyond.  Made to specification, our capabilities/products exceed all requirements set forth under ASTM compliances and standardizations, including ODOT Section 00442 – Controlled Low Strength Materials.  

Foaming agents and factory support provided from Aerix Industries.