Rapid Set Concrete Deliveries

Rapid Set Concrete Delivery in Oregon

Volume Concrete LLC. supplies Rapid Set concrete and ready mixed concrete around Portland Metro. Volume Concrete has you covered with documented mix designs that meet/exceed the stringent requirements from the local jurisdictions. In fact, many of our esteemed clients are government and institutions that have come to rely on our quality products, expedited service, and extensive documentation (i.e., cement mill certifications, sieve analysis, and water quality testing). We are here to help! 971-219-8604

Volume Concrete LLC is the only bulk supplier in Metro with Rapid Set Concrete available on short notice.

Rapid Set® from Volume Concrete has many purposes: new and repair of pavements, formed work, footings, posts, industrials industrial environments, machine bases, manholes, panel replacement, bulkheads and other concrete repairs.


Rapid Set® from Volume Concrete is non-metallic, and has no chlorides added.

Initial Set Time of 15 minutes and a Final Set Time at just 35 minutes!

Placement of Rapid Set® from Volume Concrete is achieved through normal concrete procedures, but in an expedited manor. Be sure to have everything completely ready before the mixing begins, i.e., tools, labor, screeds, water buckets and burlap sheets for curing.

Not pump friendly – don’t try it! Unless, you consult with us first, we have the methods to increase workability time. Give us a call: Dispatch (971) 219-8604


Rapid Set Concrete Images
Rapid Set Concrete Images – manhole ring replacements
State of the Art Mixer no. 4
Rapid Set® Volumetric Concrete Mixer Truck