Frequently Asked Questions about the volume of concrete

A list of the most common, relevant and noteworthy questions about the volume.


  1. How many cubic feet are in a cubic yard of concrete?  Answer: 27 cubic feet equals 1 cubic yard.
  2. How many square feet can I get out of 1 cubic yard of concrete when the depth of the slab is 3.5 inches thick?  Answer:  80 – 100 square feet for every 1 Cubic Yard of Concrete, as long as the thickness is no more than a standard nominal 2×4 (actual dimension being 3.5″ tall).
  3. Water to Cement Ratio?  Volume Concrete LLC., adheres strongly (no pun) to the industry standard of optimal hydration at .35 that is for every one (1) pound of cement we aim to only add .35 pounds of clean pure water.
  4. How many pounds of cement are in a sack of cement?  In North America, the domestic system, we honor the 94 lbs./per sack requirement.
  5. How thick is a driveway? Answer
  6. Cold Weather Concrete Success?  Answer
  7. The Importance of Using Domestic Cement? Answer

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  • Do Not wait for Bleed Water, Start Finishing Immediately!
  • Have Lots of People and Experienced Finishers
  • Have a lot of wheel barrows, emphasis placed!!!
  • This product begins wet, but very quickly loses slump.
  • Have an area for clean up with running water and scrub brushes for the tools.
  • Mixer Trucks will require an area for cleanup immediately following the pour, we cary water on-board.
  • Typical temperatures are 40°F – 85°F, colder temperatures require hot water and need protection from the elements. Hot temperature pours are avoided during peak temperatures, and require burlap and water to protect the product once poured.
  • When using for repairs, application surface must be clean, sound and free from any materials that may inhibit bond, such as oil, asphalt, curing compound, acid, dirt and loose debris. Mechanically abrade surface and remove all unsound material. Saturate the surface before the HESC hits the ground. Avoid standing water or puddles, this will affect the strength of the final product.