Hot Water Trailer High Capacity Output for Mobile Ready Mix Jobsites

We currently have a tandem axle dually trailer with: 2500 gallon reservoir, 2″ Honda driven high-pressure and 125/gpm volume, 600,000 btu’s of propane heaters with continuous output of 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Industrial Honda Inverter for 120V power. 20hp Kohler Driven Hydraulic System on Board with 4 valves for outrigger, additional water pump, and 18k hydraulic winch. This system can run continuous for 12 hours without the need to refuel.

Off-Grid Hot Water Trailer with 2500 gallon capacity for all-day work

-Volume Concrete LLC.,

Hot Water Every Load

The time is here and the temperatures are dropping. The HOT WATER is in every delivery and already included in the price, no additional charges.

Volume Concrete LLC., uses hot fresh potable clean water for all loads and deliveries beginning in October through April.

Hot water acts as a catalyst to help kickstart the chemical reaction that occurs when hydrating cement. This will help the concrete achieve an early set during colder temperatures.