Concrete Services

Concrete Services in Portland

Volume Concrete LLC., appreciates your business and opportunity to work with you and your team on the next project, here are some of the Concrete Services we offer:

  • Custom Mix Designs and offsite mixing capabilities
  • Ready Mix Concrete via Volumetric Mixers
  • New Concrete Bin Blocks (jumbo 1 cubic yard, 3500lbs.) for sale and rent 2’x2’x6′
  • Grout Mixes for: block fill, insulated concrete forms, pipe fill, tank decommissioning
  • Controlled Density Fill CDF for backfill and trench fill
  • Pervious Concrete – for sidewalks, and pavement
  • Rapid Set® Concrete – ready for vehicular & pedestrian traffic in a few hours
  • Concrete Line Pumps – long distance, any volume or size
  • Hot Water Generation offsite
  • Offsite cleanup

Expedited Ideas:

“Got a problem? We have a solution” [Spec-OP division – entry]

Pervious Concrete for Paving

Volume Concrete Mixer Truck

Best Solution for Stormwater Runoff? Pervious Concrete (it’s permeable and porous).

Water Absorbing Pavement for parking lots, sidewalks and walkways.

If your interested in Pervious Concrete, please inquire. We can Help get your next project started off on the right path!

Dispatch (971) 219-8604

Nearing Completion of Milwaukie High School in Oregon using Fine-Grain Pervious Concrete Pavement
Fine Grain Pervious Concrete at Milwaukie High School in Oregon.
Pervious Concrete
Pervious Concrete from the underside.