Tag: Concrete Delivery

  • Manhole Channeling and Trough Benches

    Manhole Channeling and Trough Benches

    Using Commercial Grade Concrete (3,500psi) that is made on-site with our mixer trucks – makes doing underground manhole channeling a breeze. Our mix designs are approved for all the jurisdictions in Portland Metro. Please tell dispatch that you would like to use the Mini Hopper for underground work. The Mini Hopper is exceptional for eliminating…

  • Mixer 3 is on the Road for Spring

    Thanks to the determined crew at RoadMaster Mixer Trucks we were able to get Mixer Truck 3 on the road in time for Spring.  This beauty has the capability to change the mix design on the fly, adjusting water/cement ratios, sand and aggregate amounts, and with three separate admix storage tanks we are able to…

  • Order Concrete Delivery for SW Portland and 97239

    Easy to order concrete for 97239 SW Portland, South Waterfront, Healy Heights, Southwest Hills, Corbet-Terwilliger, Bridlemile, and Lair Hill. Volume Concrete LLC., delivers 1+ cu/yds of concrete six days a week to the many neighborhoods in the Portland Metro. Cell Phone Dispatch (971)219-8604 We are here to help!

  • Concrete Dispatch for 97035 Lake Oswego and the many neighborhoods within

    The Lake Oswego Zip Code 97035 and the many communities within: Lake Grove, Jean, Bryant, Rosewood, Lakeforest, Walluga, Holly Orchard, Cook, Oak Creek, Mt. Park, Arnold Creek Volume Concrete LLC., is local, family and we deliver 1+ cubic yards of concrete six days a week for all who call. Cell Phone Dispatch (971)219-8604 We are here…

  • Concrete near 97027 Gladstone Oregon

    Have you seen one of our trucks in Gladstone lately? The big shiny, bold and bad…enough said, these machines are all about concrete.  Volume Concrete LLC., has the finest machines and Operators in the Pacific North West! Cell Phone Dispatch (971)219-8604 We take pride in our operations and we are here to HELP!

  • Concrete for the End of the Oregon Trail in Oregon City 97045

    Oregon City is full of history, and a lot of structures that pre-date modern concrete. We take honor in delivering concrete for some of the historic homes and buildings in Oregon City under repair and restoration. New or Classic, give us a call Cell Phone Dispatch (971)219-8604 We also service the residents in Viola, New…

  • Concrete Delivery for 97211 North East Portland – Concordia & Woodlawn

    Looking for 1+ cubic yard of mixed concrete?  Located in 97211? Perfect, call Cell Phone Dispatch (971)219-8604 to easily order mud! Mud is slang for Concrete :]

  • Eagle Creek and Barton Mixed Concrete Delivery 97009

    We are mobile and service the following communities Monday – Saturday for 1+ cubic yards: Eagle Creek, Boring, Cottrell and Barton including the Kelso community and all the land in the 97009 zip code. Give us a Call, We look forward to hearing from you Cell Phone Dispatch (971)219-8604